Ensuring Offtake of Caspian Gas

Ensuring Offtake of Caspian Gas

Providing A Physical Link To Europe

The offshore production of Azerbaijan is expected to grow rapidly in the next years. Accordingly the construction of TANAP is expected to be completed by 2019 in order to transport these quantities to Turkey and Europe.

Turkmenistan’s strategic long term objective is to export available large volumes of gas to the EU. In November 2014, Turkmenistan has taken another step to reach this goal by signing a framework agreement with Turkey to supply gas. However, WHITE STREAM is essential for larger quantities in the future as well as route diversification within the SGC.

WHITE STREAM is an offshore pipeline in the Black Sea leading from Georgia to Romania. LNG vessels were also examined as an option for the Black Sea crossing. However, the pipeline concept was found to have strong commercial advantages – particularly for large volumes over this relatively short distance. Therefore, it is completely in line with mentioned “BIG GAS Strategy” strengthening the Southern Corridor.

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Legal Aspects

There are no legal barriers to White Stream.

International and national laws define the rights and obligations. White Stream will enter 12 nautical mile territorial waters only at the landing points at either end of the route. International law guarantees the freedom to lay pipelines in the Exclusive Economic Zone. The existence of Blue Stream is not a legal obstacle to White Stream. There are many examples of submarine pipelines that cross other pipelines or cables. White Stream will naturally implement international standard EIA requirements.

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